As kitchen appliances continue to grow in features and performance, the laundry room has become increasingly more sophisticated with today’s washer and dryers. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, the laundry room has stepped beyond function and into another space for design creativity. While the most popular color for laundry is still white; stainless (or a variation of it) can make a great statement or some may enjoy adding color to your life with a variety of bold colors to make those hours spend folding clothes a little more exciting.

In recent years, top load laundry has made drastic changes to become more equivalent to its front load counterpart. What used to be considered a downgrade from frontload laundry is now equivalent or superior in terms of size and features allowing consumers to purchase based on personal preference and style versus performance and consumption.

Consumers will find the most desired feature to be steam in both the washer and the dryer. The steam feature in the wash cycle can be used to sanitize and release heavy stains in clothes but is even more beneficial in the dryer to most. Steam in a dryer can be used to refresh clothes after limited use or seasonal storage but the most enjoyable and time saving use of steam is to remove wrinkles and the need to iron, saving precious time for the more enjoyable things in life.

From steaming in your laundry room to steaming in your kitchen, steaming both clothes and food is the new trend for 2018. If you are considering adding a steam oven to your new kitchen, you may be curious to know if it’s worth the cost. People wonder if a steam oven will actually cook their food. Some can’t imagine that things will taste as good as if they used a traditional oven. The truth of the matter is that a steam oven can, in fact, make your food taste better than using other methods.

“Steam ovens are the single most innovative appliance to come out since I started selling almost 20 years ago,” says Angela Warner from Warners’ Stellian.

They are ideal for cooking all types of food and can replace a microwave for most daily uses. They work by heating water stored within the oven and using that to cook items placed inside, and can provide a very healthy option because they don’t use oils or fats.

Most steam ovens today also boast a convection oven mode which means they not only steam but will brown food the same as any traditional oven.  Many clients are opting for a steam oven for their 2nd oven instead of a traditional double oven.

We are sure that this trend is here to stay!

A BIG Thank You to both Ross Agnello from All Inc. and Angela Warner from Warners' Stellian for this amazing information.