Before & After - Chowen-2

Elegant. rustic. timeless.

Our Edina French Provincial home is a show-stopper!

Let's Talk Curb Appeal!

Visions of French countryside are evoked by the stunning exterior of this home.  There’s curb appeal galore to this classic look that expertly combines many materials and textures to create a layered effect.  Starting at the bottom with full thickness red brick covered with German Schmear, followed by Indiana limestone sections, leading to a thin brick veneer with more German Schmear application.  The detailed look is finished with arched limestone lintels over the doors and windows and cedar shake roof crowned by a copper chimney shroud.

What is even more impressive than this home’s exterior is that the homeowner knew exactly what she wanted! With countless inspirations, photos, and ideas, she had her entire dream home already dreamt up for us to build. The unique feature that we continue to receive questions about is the German Smear exterior detailing work! 

Originating from Germany, this brick-finishing technique involves spreading a wet mortar mixture onto a brick base for an “Old World” look that will surely draw attention for years to come. This natural-looking, textured finish commonly uses a cement-based or sand-based mortar, making it very durable and resistant to the outdoor elements that, if done correctly, won’t need to be touched up over time. 

With such a wide range of styles, this technique is one that can be modified to fit your home’s specific look and feel.

A New Take On "Well-Rounded."

“Provincial” can mean “unsophisticated” - but this stylish custom luxury build in Edina is effortlessly chic.  Made up of stately archways, a soft, neutral color palette, and subtly textured materials, the livable elegance and timeless beauty of French Provincial design is undoubtedly inspiring. 

This stunning home has plenty of feminine curves with graceful arches throughout interior doorways and openings.  Advanced drywall techniques were utilized to achieve rounded corners reminiscent of Old World plaster finishes. The alluring effect is accentuated by custom pocket doors that must be installed at rough in before drywall is completed.  It’s a complex process that requires skilled craftsmen and the result is effortlessly chic and seamless.



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