Sidell Trail’s Update


City Homes Design and Build was chosen as the builder of the Acres DuBois, soon to be Sidell Trail in Edina, Minnesota.
We have completed the demolition of the Sidell family home that was located on Morningside Road.


Next the 3+ acres was cleared of all necessary trees that will allow the new cul-de-sac and seven future homes to be built next spring 2015.


We also have installed all utilities including the new water main for the property.
The huge hole for the storm water containment tube is being dug.


Stay tuned for Next steps at Sidell Trail…

Sidell photo-Morningside demo 11.4.14

Sidell family home



Sidell family home demolition


photo 11 11.24.14

Harvested tree lumber

photo 4 11.25.14

photo 4 11.26.14 - photo edits

Water main install

photo 1 11.25.14 photo edits

Road work for Sidell Trail