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Single-Level, Aging-In-Place, & Maintenance-Free Living

Welcome to our exquisite condominiums, where meticulous design and upscale finishes converge within an unparalleled location, redefining modern living with elegance and convenience. These residences stand as a testament to refined living, tailored for those who demand both sophistication and practicality.

Incorporating the concept of "aging-in-place," our homes seamlessly adapt to all life stages. Universal design elements, including wider doorways and accessible amenities, facilitate graceful transitions, ensuring a supportive environment for residents. Reflecting the trend towards streamlined living, our single-level layout embodies both style and convenience. By eliminating stairs, it embraces diverse mobility needs while exemplifying spatial efficiency that resonates with contemporary preferences. Moreover, our condominiums epitomize maintenance-free living, liberating homeowners from typical upkeep burdens. Infused with premium materials and innovative techniques, they minimize maintenance demands, gifting residents the precious luxury of time to pursue their passions. In essence, these condominiums transcend conventional living, seamlessly weaving together design, convenience, and sophistication. With an emphasis on graceful aging, streamlined layouts, and a carefree lifestyle, they redefine modern luxury living, providing individuals an environment that truly resonates.

Not One Style Fits All

Your family, your needs, and your lifestyle are uniquely yours! We understand this uniqueness and recognize that it deserves to be celebrated with a custom home that was crafted just for you. With your vision carefully manifested throughout every aspect of the design, we guarantee that the results will exceed expectations in quality and precision. Get ready to say hello to a new, tailored space — meant only for you!

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Our Projects

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ROW at Valley View

Starting at $1.395 million, this charming Row Home community offers modern amenities, high-end finishes, a thoughtful floor plan, and customization options, including a private owner’s level, open concept main floor, guest space, rooftop deck, optional wet bars, elevator, and convenient walkability to parks, trails, shopping, and dining.

Edina Flats

Edina Flats is a completed 15-unit boutique condominium located in the Pamela Park neighborhood in Edina, MN. With meticulous design, high-end finishes, and open layouts, the units provide sophisticated living spaces. The prime location allows residents to enjoy both serene surroundings and easy access to urban conveniences like dining and shopping, making Edina Flats a testament to upscale living in a vibrant neighborhood.

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