Wallpaper has long suffered a bad reputation, with many people assuming it's a bygone trend not worth resuscitating. But it has made a huge comeback of late, and we know exactly why. Here, our editors debunk six of the most common wallpaper myths—and give you the tips you need to bring this revived trend home.

The truth is, hanging and removing wallpaper can be tricky, but you can avoid future frustrations by choosing the right paper. For paper that's easy to hang yourself, try vinyl—it's durable and often comes pre-pasted (goodbye messy glue). Fabric wallpapers are less DIY-friendly; while they’re the best quality, they require precise pattern matching and can prove awkward for novices to handle.

Tip! More concerned with removal? Look for strippable paper, which won't leave any residue on the wall once you're ready to change things up.

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Now some of you might be thinking, What does it mean to have a Wire-Brushed Wood Floor? Wire brushing is a finishing technique that involves scraping the plank with a hard-bristled wire brush. The stiff bristles pull the soft grain from the growth ring off leaving the heartwood exposed. This results in a stronger emphasis on the grain of the wood and creates more texture and character. Some refer this as a “European” look. This gently weathered appearance has recently become sought after by designers, builders, and homeowners. Why is this look so popular?

By removing the softer wood and leaving the more hard wood only, wire brushing creates a more durable surface. This surface also has more texture, which not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but provides a less slippery floor as well. The surface has a rougher, earthier feel and can also withstand more wear and tear due to its hardness. Wire brushed floors are ideal for households with kids, pets, or high traffic in general.

Wire brushed floors made their debut about five years ago and experienced a lukewarm reception. But today, their popularity seems to be picking up steam. Wire brushed hardwood floors are ideal for spaces that would be prone to scratches or wear that would detract from a traditional smooth wood finish. If you’re looking for timeless style and long lasting beauty, check out wire brushed hardwood floors for your space.


Whether you have 80 pairs of shoes, or just a lot of clothes, Scherer Bros Lumber Co. helped us create dreamy closets in both of our homes on the Spring Parade of Homes tour (and in several other projects!).. See for yourself how we took storage solutions to the next level!

Trend #4 - STORAGE

We probably can ALL admit that we have more than what we probably need. From shoes, to clothes, to towels, to old crafts the kids have made us over the years, we just have a LOT of stuff. If you aren't willing to throw away little Sally's art project from 3rd grade, you probably need a place to store that timeless artwork, right? With all our cabinets, shelving and drawers, we can guarantee you will be able to hold onto Sally's artwork for many years to come! Check out some of our recent projects (some of which are available for you to see RIGHT NOW on the Spring Parade of Homes tour!).