“These days – it’s all about doing what you can to make your days easier and more enjoyable”, says Rebecca Toleno Van’t Hull, Senior Designer at Martha O’Hara Interiors. “I loved collaborating on this home with City Homes because our visions were so aligned with how we wanted this home to look and how we wanted families to be able to use it. I would move my family into this house in a heartbeat.”


This home, at 4240 Sidell Trail in Edina, is completely oriented around the family. A casual vibe that is reinforced by an abundance of reclaimed wood in the ceiling beams, feature walls and kitchen table tops along with the use of soft neutrals accented by blue hues definitely makes this a home that feels friendly, cozy and cottage-like. But don’t get too relaxed, there will be furnishings in yellows and teals that will amp up the fun factor in the house- but again in fabrics that are casual and user friendly.


“The upstairs ‘family room’ is an ingenious addition to this home”, says Van’t Hull. This second level kid-centric room not only houses entertainment factors, but also has a chalk board, and tons of storage for books, games and anything that the kids need for both study and play time. “This space allows for together time, which is sheer luxury these days. Whether it’s a lazy Sunday morning, or evening homework help, this home hits the mark for beauty, comfort and family ease”.