Meet Chris – His Hobbies & His Latest Trip to CO

May 21, 2018

When Chris Maloly is not building the beautiful homes for City Homes as their General Contractor, he is doing many different things outside of the construction zone.  His lifetime passion for everything outdoors is still very present in his life. Living in Aspen Colorado for many years has created a persistent attraction to mountains.  Not only skiing , but also mountain biking as well.

Chris Photo 3His lifelong passion for skiing turned him into a ski racer.  Living in Colorado allowed Chris to ski most days in the winter and bike most days in the summer, allowing racing on the weekends. Both he and his wife Rebecca have stayed connected with their Colorado friends sharing their passion for the outdoors. Chris has also been involved in ski instruction with youth race programs such as Ski Jammers and Minnetonka High School race team assistant coach.

Rebecca & Chris are adventurous together, as well as with their family.  Whether it is annual trips to Montana to hike, camp and explore fly fishing to trekking Nepal for two weeks in the mountains to get to their summit of several 18,000 ft peaks.

Locally they enjoy what the Twin Cities has to offer.  Living near Theodore Wirth Park, Chris and Rebecca enjoy biking in one of the many regional mountain bike parks the Cities has to offer; his favorite being Lebannon Hills in Eagan.

Currently this summer, they are working on their trail running.  They have plans to run the Gold Leaf half marathon in September, a local half marathon this August as well as the Snowmass to Aspen one in CO.