Royal Oaks Design is an award winning custom design firm dedicated to thoughtful design, sustainable structures, and beautiful homes of all styles.


Founded in 1988, and with over 20 years of experience, Kieran Liebl, CPBD (Principle & Owner) is nationally recognized for his exceptional residential projects, including three of the most recent 2016 ARDA design awards! The firm strives to meet the needs of sophisticated builders and clients who value a collaborative design process, attention to detail, and quality construction.




We love working with City Homes and embrace their passion and ability to enjoy the process of designing a custom home, execute, and then deliver the final results of a beautifully finished home. The process starts off with the initial inspirational meetings with the clients and City Homes, where I get to meet the clients, find out how they live their lives, and better understand what their vision is for their dream home. Back at my office I find my creative place and develop conceptual drawings inspired by the client’s life, aesthetics, needs, and wants. Throughout the design process, we continue to work closely with the clients, City Homes, and the interior designers to make sure we are accurately reflecting the vision of the client, keeping the project on budget, and communicating with one another to make changes in a timely manner as the design evolves. Once the design is complete and the client signs of on the final concepts, we develop working construction documents to hand off to City Homes to begin the construction of the clients dream home! I have built a great relationship with City Homes and love seeing the end results with precision, quality, and happy clients, but I most appreciate their integrity, creativity, and passion in the process to get the end result.