Welcome Home Harlow

Meet the newest member of the Stenger family. Katie, our amazing Project Director, had her first baby, Harlow Kori Stenger, on July 23rd at Fairview Southdale Hospital. She weighed 7 lbs 8 oz and was 21 inches long. Isn't she beautiful?!

How did you come up with the name Harlow? 

"We saw the name and instantly fell in love with it! Also, we determined that the name was Jake-proof, meaning he wouldn't be able to craft up any unwanted nicknames. HAHA!"

What did you do for your first "outing" with Harlow? 

"Jake, Harlow and I went to the Remick's Lake House on Lake Minnetonka. It was the perfect place to take Harlow because we knew she would get lots of attention and we wouldn't have to worry about her getting fussy."

What did you and Jake do on your first night-out without Miss Harlow?

"It was hard to leave her for the first time, but it was so much fun to get out of the house. Being a little sleep deprived, we didn't want to venture very far, so we meet the City Homes crew at the City Homes office for happy-hour!"

How are the fur-babies adjusting to their new two-legged sister?

The pups LOVE Harlow! They literally do not let her out of their sight. They will be very protective big sisters - watch out future boyfriends!

When are you coming back to work? Are you excited about coming back?

"I am SO excited to get back to work with the team, but I will miss Harlow like crazy. Lucky for us, Grandma will be taking care of Harlow once I am back at work. Not to mention, we live close by, so I am just a few minutes from home if Grandma or Harlow needs anything."