When you talk about automation systems, you might think that all this encompasses is the system that helps your home’s lights, locks and electrical systems run on automatic. While this is partially true, this is not all automation systems are about. There are actually a number of automation systems that can be integrated into one centralized system for your home. These include the home lighting system, home security system, home automation system and the home audio and video system.


Home Lighting System

This is used to control the lighting of your home and when it turns on and off. What you choose to integrate into this particular automation system will dictate how your lights will operate. For example, if you choose to have your lighting automation systems to have sensors that turn it on when people are in the house, you can do so. If you want your lights to automatically turn on when it is dark and turn off when the sun shines, you can also have sensors added for this.


You can also choose to connect your home lighting system to your security system. What this does is your lights can all be switched on when your alarms go off or when your security cameras detect a movement inside or outside your home, should you program it to do so. This can help increase the security and safety of your home.


Home Security System

Another thing you can add to your home automation systems is a home security system that you can control via a few different mediums. Some of the controls you can include into your home security system include internet control, mobile phone control and central panel control. You can choose the level of security you want to have as well with the use of these control systems. These can include camera systems, alarm systems and lighting systems interconnected for a safer and more secure home.


Home Audio and Video System

Also part of the selection of systems that are part of home automation systems is the audio and video system. You can choose to have a whole house A/V system, a home audio system or a home entertainment/theater system installed, depending on what you want for your home. These can all be controlled individually by control panels found in each room or through a centralized control unit.


Home Automation System

All of these can be connected to your central home automation system, which can also include controls for your AC and heating units, your centralized vacuum system and many more. These can all be connected with the use of what is called “structured wiring”. Some of the brands that we carry, and you can choose to use for your home automation system, include DSC Security, Speakercraft, Honeywell Security and Digital Watchdog Security, to name but a few. Contact us today to find out more about these automation systems and other products we have for your home, so you can start enjoying the automated lifestyle today.


Home Automation System Design & Installation

Want more than simply Multi-Room Audio and Video Distribution? Want to turn up the heat on your hot tub from your iPhone on the way home from work? No problem. We can tie in your security, surveillance, audio, video, lighting, entry gates, doors, pool/spa, climate, photos and even your irrigation system all into a central control system. These controls can be touchscreens mounted in your wall, your iPad, iPhone or even your PC. We can make all of this complicated amazing equipment work in synergy for you with a hassle free interface that is customized to you and your new system. Do you have a lake home and want to see what’s happening on your security cameras or turn up the heat before you drive up? We can do this as well! The sky is the limit with home automation from JJ Orion. Give us a call or request a quote to have us custom tailor a solution for you.