The City Homes Difference - Why build with anyone else?

Our Relationship Difference

City Homes has strong trade relationships providing the highest quality service, trust, timeliness, pricing and warranty. These relationships have been developed over years of business and have proven to provide the best overall value and finished product. We build 10 to 12 luxury homes a year which allows us to have the highest buying power with subcontractors who want to work with us. We are not too big that we can’t give your project the attention to detail and management that you and your home will require and deserve. City Homes specializes in luxury custom home building and remodeling. We have a team, systems, and the trade relationships in place and ready to accommodate you and your dream home.

Our Technology Difference

We exercise an operation of technology through an online system that allows you, our team, and our subcontractors to access project information at any time throughout the job. Builder Trend allows you to view your budget, schedule, finish selections, define deadlines, change orders, daily logs and pictures conducted by our field supervisors of work being done on site whenever you want from wherever you want.

Designated Green Path Builder

We pride ourselves in not only building and remodeling beautiful homes for our clients, but also ensuring that our homes are healthier and more sustainable than the average existing home in Minnesota. Being a Designated Green Path Builder means 75% of the homes that we build are RESNET tested, giving that home a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) scoring. With independent energy testing and a consistent index (HERS) documented by a third party, our homeowners can know their home's exact energy performance.

Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist

City Homes has long been committed to the concept of “right-size living,” meaning we work with you to build a home that works for you, your family, and your lifestyle - whatever that may entail. With that being said, City Homes is proud to announce that we are officially a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS)! This means that our team has gone through extensive training to better guide our clients in building or remodeling a safe and secure home for now and in the future. To learn more about what it means to age in place, click here

A Build Timeline You Can Trust

City Homes takes on average of three months to architecturally design  your home. The permitting process takes a month. On average it takes City Homes nine months to build your home.  We are known for beautiful finishes, attention to detail, livable layouts that scale perfectly for your lifestyle. The time we take is essential to achieve your perfect home.

Our Cost Plus / Open Book

City Homes prices our custom homes on a cost-plus fee basis, fully disclosed to our clients. Our team competitively bids every aspect of the project with time-tested contractors that we know, trust, and have a proven track record within the industry. We operate with a fully open book philosophy – All bids and invoices are shown to you and go in to the cost statement once approved by you. All trade discounts are 100% fully passed on to our clients.

Our Cost Plus Difference

Once the bids have been approved by City Homes and our clients, we will hold the subcontractors/vendors or City Homes accountable for delivering the commitments they have made around cost, craftsmanship, and timeline. Other than the changes that are the result of choices made by you during the process, the amounts on the approved cost statement will not change.

Our Cost Per Square Foot Difference

City Homes provides their clients with a build cost per square foot range as a guideline. Our cost per square foot includes, architect fee, interior designer fee, builder fee, all cost associated with the build including landscaping. City Homes does not leave ANYTHING out when we are quoting our price per square foot estimate. This is not common practice among our competitors and should be discussed when comparing builders.


A custom home team of experts is important. We would like to help you find the ideal architect with the right style, price and personality. There are so many choices, and we have built strong relationships with many who are trusted in the industry.  City Homes will be present for every home design meeting ensuring your dreams, goals and budget are met.  We always start with a clean sheet of paper when designing your home. No plan is ever re-used, it is truly custom.

Interior Designer

We have wonderful relationships with both large interior design firms and small boutique studios.  We will offer suggestions for the right interior designers to either interview, select from, or we welcome your favorite designer. Regardless of who you choose to help create and execute your vision, we make sure a designer is included in our process.

We Work With You To Find A Lot

We work together with realtors to search for the lot that fits your custom home needs, in the area of your choice, and at a price that’s right for you.