Arden Hills, MN | 4 bed, 4 bath, 3944 sq ft

Project Name

Net Zero Haven

Project Type



Loon Architects

Interior Designer

Liquid Pink Interiors

Green Building

Zero Energy Ready and Energy Star Home

Design Style:

Modern Industrial Cafe

Tucked away in a cozy corner of Arden Hills, MN resides our most recent green building project, the Net Zero Haven. This project, designed in the style of an industrial cafe, strives to create a sustainable, energy-efficient home by blending the allure of local roasteries with modern green technologies. Working with Liquid Pink Interiors and Loon Architects, we have been able to design a sancutary that offers optimal comfort without compromising the environment.

As a zero energy ready and energy star home, the Net Zero Haven prioritizes energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. The extensive insulation, energy-efficient appliances, and advanced ventilation systems ensure optimal comfort while minimizing energy consumption.

The design draws inspiration from a favorite local cafe, creating a fresh and eco-friendly vibe. Vibrant textiles and painted surfaces add an inviting atmosphere. Reclaimed wood accents and salvaged materials from the original house reduce waste and add character. Vintage objects and custom furniture bring charm, while terrazzo tile flooring provides a polished look. Reclaimed wood finishes add warmth, and wire brushed white oak engineered flooring adds natural beauty. The combination creates a unique and eco-friendly space with a personal touch and a warm atmosphere.

Inside the home, there are many sustainable features, but most importantly, they pay tribute to the property’s generational history. Our homeowners and interior designer, Liquid Pink Interiors, have repurposed the wood flooring from the original home. This recycled material now clads the fireplace and kitchen island. For the screen porch, salvaged pine paneling was used. The porch features a fireplace clad with this repurposed wood and surrounded by stone. This fireplace serves as the focal point of the outdoor living space, adding warmth and character to the design.

Overall, the Net Zero Haven combines the industrial cafe design style with cutting-edge green technologies to create a sustainable and energy-efficient home that embodies high energy efficiency without compromising comfort or the environment.