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What Are the ROW Homes?

The Rise of Row Homes: A Home Style Fit for Urban Living

Row homes are a part of a rich heritage tracing back to 16th-century Europe, evolving into a timeless housing option desperately needed today with the country's ever growing housing shortage plaguing today's real estate landscape. Characterized by their uniform and vertically built designs and shared walls, these residences seamlessly adapt to the demands of modern living. Amidst rising land and material costs, row homes are witnessing a resurgence in popularity, captivating a diverse demographic spectrum spanning empty nesters, baby boomers, and millennials alike.

Fueling this renewed interest is a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability and the environment. Row homes embody the eco-conscious principles of modern living, providing compact yet efficient living spaces that minimize environmental impact without compromising on comfort or style. By embracing this housing concept, homeowners align themselves with a sustainable lifestyle while indulging in the allure of a chic and inviting living environment.

Our Row Homes:

Welcome to City homes newest collection of ROW Homes. This collection of homes offers today’s modern amenities including high-end finishes, fixtures, and appliances in a floor plan that prioritizes clean lines, natural sunlight, and a mix of privacy and space to entertain. A private owner’s level, open concept main floor, and guest space below creating a perfect spatial balance. Added amenities like an optional elevator, rooftop deck, and wet bar make movement throughout and enjoyment of the home possible year-round. Walkability is present with parks, trails, shopping & dining in the immediate area. If available, these homes can be customized to your wants and needs if desired.

Whether you're seeking the vibrant energy of community living or the serenity of standalone luxury, you'll find it within our collection. Explore the ROW Home collection:

What is the Missing Middle?

The 'missing middle' refers to a range of housing types that bridge the gap between single-family homes and large apartment buildings, providing diverse options for housing in urban and suburban areas. These housing types include duplexes, triplexes, townhouses, and small apartment buildings, offering a middle ground between detached houses and high-rise developments. Emphasizing affordability, walkability, and community integration, the missing middle seeks to address the housing needs of diverse populations while promoting sustainable and inclusive neighborhoods. By fostering a mix of housing options, the missing middle encourages social interaction, supports local businesses, and enhances the overall livability of our cities and towns.

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